that moment

That moment when you realize that the… aches and pains bone-crushing exhaustion total inertia mood swings hiding from people flaking out on responsibilities Might not be PMS or jet lag. And you’re already getting pharmaceutical help. So, there’s some shit you really actually need to deal with, like for real. Pushing it down with food […]

a list compiled in retrospect: 24 things to ask before you book on airbnb

Apartment or house? How many units in the building? If apartment, is there a secure entrance? If apartment, what floor is the unit on? Is there an elevator? Does the elevator smell of urine? Does the entrance to the building/house smell of urine? Is the entrance to the building/house conducive to hiding individuals with nefarious […]

girl talk

I was at a small party yesterday where I met some new friends and got a glimpse of pre-teen-not-a-boy-not-a-man-hood that made me pretty sure I’m going to need more therapy and advice as Isaiah gets older, not less. One of my new friends had a little girl, three years old. I’ve always been intimidated by […]