Prayer: walk by faith, not by sight.

the metaphor of running around my old cage when i have a wide field of grace in which to romp resonates with me on so many, many levels.

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“Walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Cor 5:7). We often think of this as waiting for God to do something in the future that we would not normally expect. I am moving ahead, hoping for the best. I am walking by faith, not by sight. That is good.

SONY DSCIn the prayer of contemplation, “Walk by faith, not by sight” is something more immediate. It is about becoming aware of the unknown things God is doing in the present moment. Prayer amounts to faithing, not just seeing, because God is with us, right now. Prayer helps us be with God right now.

When I say “contemplative prayer” you might think of mindfulness techniques that people are teaching to jr. highers to help them to settle down. That’s a beginning, but that is not the prayer of contemplation. The prayer of contemplation includes the techniques for reducing anxiety, but…

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